Laughter Brings Joy To Life

My son decided he wanted to clean the decks yesterday so we turned on the outside water faucet. This is around 10:30 in the morning. He skipped a couple classes at school to help me clean.  Nice boy I have 🙂  Little that I knew, the water spigot on the side of home was opened full blast. My sister told me that the kitchen was losing water pressure and that my other son has been in the bathroom for a long time. I checked and told her that he has been out of the bathroom for a while and the noise is just the water running outside… boy, was I right.. the water was running LOL for about 2.5 hours full blast.

I sat down watching TV in my living room and I heard this noise like running water.. suddenly, I remembered and thought “oh no”.. ran outside and yep.. the water was running full force and looked at the window well.. there was a pool LOL I ran back inside the house, grab a pail and dog leash and yelled at my sister to go down and check the bedroom. Taking out water with pail and dog leash brought back memories how we drew water from the well back home… I started to laugh and thought it was funny LOL I took about 10 gallons of water from the window well. A thought came to my mind whether I should jump into the well so I could get the water faster but I would be stuck if no one could hear me LOL. We used 12 towels plus my small wet and dry vacuum to dry the carpet. I decided to call my friend who is a carpet cleaning guy, Bruno (by the way he does a wonderful job and I can refer you if you need help with carpet cleaning) to help me and bless his heart, he came 30 minutes later. He looked at the carpet and he said it wasn’t that bad and asked if I had a fan to dry the carpet and I told him I do and showed him my desk fan.. he laughed and told me I needed a commercial fan.. he said he would go home and come back with the big fan LOL Now the carpet is pulled back and drying. I have to call a carpet installer to change the pad and put the carpet back. The day that I said I am done with cleaning the basement.. now this happened LOL

Later that day, I was making hamburgers for prayer meeting and my family. I tried to lit the grill and it wouldn’t lit.. my son tried to help me for 10 minutes and we tried every knob LOL and it wouldn’t lit. Then we realized the propane was gone LOL thank God I have two more tanks in the garage so whoala.. we had a nice dinner for prayer meeting. Most of all, we all got hit with the joy and laughed at the things that happened. There is no need to get mad or swear as it will not change anything…. I guess I learn to just flow with life and not sweat the small things that can be fixed and in everything joy is the strength 🙂 and when we can laugh at any situation, somehow it doesn’t seem to dread or weigh us down.. so laugh until your sides hurt with the story because it’s exactly what God wants you to do 🙂 May the joy of the Lord be your strength and you can laugh at your fear and it will not have any hold on you anymore 🙂 God bless you

Life is Vibrant :)

Life is full of colors 🙂 – Susy Pujiro

I was running into the grocery store to pick up a pie for a church picnic on Sunday.  As I was rushing through the aisles to go to the bakery section, I had to pass the flower shop in the store.  Suddenly my eyes caught this woman who was picking flower bouquet.  I thought what a spunky woman with an orange/gold high heels, colorful legging and a black top, short black hair.. I thought “wow, she got style”.  She looked vibrant.  As I passed her, I complimented on how good she looked.

I picked up the pie.  As I was walking towards the cashier, I saw her still there at the flower shop picking some flowers.  So, I approached her and said “life is worth living, isn’t it?  She broke into laugh and said to me “you are right, I just turned 65 and you make my day”.  I had a good look at her.  Her face was glowing and her eyes were vibrant and full of life, and yes.. I noticed she sprayed her bangs some green color 🙂 so we talked for a few minutes and we both laughed.

On the way to my car, I could not stop thinking of her being so vibrant and full of life and dare to wear some colors to show her personality.  I thought to myself, that should be the life we live, dare to be different and won’t let age hold us back.  She truly got style 🙂

Dancing In The Rain

The sound of rain is like melody from heaven , and the smell of rain is so refreshing to the soul – Susy Pujiro

One of the fondest memories growing up for me was playing in the rain.  Where I come from, summer can be very hot and humid.  So, whenever we get rain in the summer time, it is like heaven on earth.  My friends and I would get so excited.  I would watch who would be the first to run out of the house to play in the rain.  Then we would all come out and join.  We would run around the neighborhood, going from house to house and just stand under the gutters and let the rain water pour down on us.  We would laugh and twirl under the rain.  We would jump on the puddle and splash, just enjoying the fresh water from heaven.  We felt so free like there was no care in life.. it was so much fun! 🙂

We would play and dance in the rain for about 10 – 20 minutes.  Because after that, the rain felt cold to the body.  There were times we had to cut the play time short because of the lightning and thunder.  We usually tried to play as long as we could but as soon as we heard the biggest thunder roared, we knew we needed to go home.

I would go home and take a shower.  My mother would make me hot chocolate or hot tea with some biscuits.  After the tea or hot chocolate,  I would crawl in bed and listen to the sound of the rain until I fell asleep.  There was something about the raindrops hitting the tiled roof that made the most beautiful melody.  It was like music from heaven.

On one of the trips I made home with my children in the summer time.  It just happened that it rained very hard one afternoon, so I took off and ran in the rain.  My children followed me.  We ran around the neighborhood , going from house to house and standing under the gutter letting the rain water pour down on us, just like when I was little.  We made a beautiful memory. 🙂

Now that I am grown up, I am still excited when it rains.  Speaking of rain, the fresh smell of rain is like none other.  It smells so good, refreshing to the soul.  I still enjoy listening to the sound of rain hitting the roof or windows as I am falling asleep.  There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of rain! 🙂