Dancing In The Rain

The sound of rain is like melody from heaven , and the smell of rain is so refreshing to the soul – Susy Pujiro

One of the fondest memories growing up for me was playing in the rain.  Where I come from, summer can be very hot and humid.  So, whenever we get rain in the summer time, it is like heaven on earth.  My friends and I would get so excited.  I would watch who would be the first to run out of the house to play in the rain.  Then we would all come out and join.  We would run around the neighborhood, going from house to house and just stand under the gutters and let the rain water pour down on us.  We would laugh and twirl under the rain.  We would jump on the puddle and splash, just enjoying the fresh water from heaven.  We felt so free like there was no care in life.. it was so much fun! 🙂

We would play and dance in the rain for about 10 – 20 minutes.  Because after that, the rain felt cold to the body.  There were times we had to cut the play time short because of the lightning and thunder.  We usually tried to play as long as we could but as soon as we heard the biggest thunder roared, we knew we needed to go home.

I would go home and take a shower.  My mother would make me hot chocolate or hot tea with some biscuits.  After the tea or hot chocolate,  I would crawl in bed and listen to the sound of the rain until I fell asleep.  There was something about the raindrops hitting the tiled roof that made the most beautiful melody.  It was like music from heaven.

On one of the trips I made home with my children in the summer time.  It just happened that it rained very hard one afternoon, so I took off and ran in the rain.  My children followed me.  We ran around the neighborhood , going from house to house and standing under the gutter letting the rain water pour down on us, just like when I was little.  We made a beautiful memory. 🙂

Now that I am grown up, I am still excited when it rains.  Speaking of rain, the fresh smell of rain is like none other.  It smells so good, refreshing to the soul.  I still enjoy listening to the sound of rain hitting the roof or windows as I am falling asleep.  There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of rain! 🙂

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