You Passed the Test… God

When and how? I wasn’t aware that God gave me a test and I aced it.  There is a quote that says “Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts”.  Those little things also occupy God’s heart and makes Him smile when He thinks of you.

This week has been a series of small favors that happened to me that I would never thought as a test from God but rather compassion and act of kindness towards our fellow human being. 

 It all started on Tuesday night when I got a call from my family in Indonesia and asked if they could borrow some money to take my niece to the hospital who had an asthma attack.  I didn’t have enough money in my checking account to give them.  Furthermore, I had to stretch the little money I had until Friday when I got my paycheck.  I explained to them my situation, they understood and said it was okay.  Even though I said no, I couldn’t help not to think about my niece.  I had a check that my son was going to help me deposit the next day.  So, I made a call to my son and explain the situation.  He agreed to borrow me some money and I would pay him as soon as he deposited the check.  So, I sent the money and mission accomplished.  

On Thursday morning, while I was on business call, an unknown number called me.  Five minutes later, the number called me again.  I couldn’t pick up the call because I was still on business call.  I also have a habit not to pick up any unknown calls and let it go to my voicemail and return the call later.  Because the caller called me twice in 5 minutes, I decided to call the number back after I finished with my business call.  He called me to inquire about my car that I have been trying to sell for 5 months. I sold my car within an hour at a good price.  He told me that he bought the car for his wife.  I love the car and wish I have the money to fix it because it was a car that my children drove during their school years.  I have been praying to God for a buyer that will appreciate the car and take good care of it as it has been good for my children.  

After I was done with the transaction to sell my car, I went to my kitchen to get a cup of tea and I heard the still small voice said “you passed the test”.  I recognize His voice and I asked Him how I passed the test.  He brought to my remembrance what I did on Tuesday night for my niece. I thought that was a test and I didn’t know it.

Later in the evening while I was at my part time job, walked into the store, a tall handsome young man with wavy golden blond hair.  He caught my eyes because of his stature.  He asked me if we have California King bedsheet.  I told him I only had one on clearance if it has not sold yet.  The set was still there and he bought it for $92.05.  He gave me 5 twenty dollar bills and I asked him if he had 5 cents.  He said he didn’t have any and I told him I would take care of 5 cents for him from my change wallet.   He made a comment that it was nice of me to do so, and I told him “God is good” and he replied to me “indeed, God is good”.  Before he left the counter, he gave me his change and I told him it was only 5 cents and he didn’t have to.  He said “because of your kindness, it’s for you”.  He tipped me 8 dollars J

As the night went, I couldn’t stop thinking about him because he somehow looked familiar to me – his wavy golden blond hair, tall and his demeanor.  Suddenly, I remembered years ago while I prayed I got visited by an angel that looked just like him.  I thought “WOW”.  I got visited by an angel after I passed the test J

We never know the little things we do for others as random act of kindness can be a test from God.  I looked back at the events this week.  So, I passed the test by giving little money to my family, then He answered my prayer and brought a buyer that I prayed for plus good price for the car.  He later sent His angel to confirm His law of multiplication.  Do you know how many 5 cents in 8 dollars = 160 pieces! When we bless His children, He blesses us in multiplication.  We never know what that multiplication will be.  It can mean health, wealth, relationship, friendship, children, protection, etc.  He is a father with a big heart for His children and loves to bless His children and meets our needs. 

This week also reminded of a story in the Bible when a poor woman gave all she had in the offering and Jesus made a comment that what she did will be remembered.  When you have little and you give, you give with your heart.  When you have plenty and you give, you give because you can. It’s the little things that matter the most and it fits perfectly to God’s little tests to us. Have a blessed day!

Christmas Tradition

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you have a blessed time with your family and friends.  It has been a busy week in my house.  All my children were home for Christmas and we had a very nice time as family. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.  I think it’s the most beautiful season of all. I love the lights, Christmas songs, baking cookies, Apple Cider, Egg Nog, not to mention the shopping.  It’s the season of love and giving.  Ahh.. one more thing.. I love White Christmas.. I think Christmas without the snow is like hot chocolate without marshmallows 😊

In my house, the Christmas tradition starts on Thanksgiving.  It’s always a buffet style as we always have big company.  We invite friends who don’t have relatives close by to share the turkey and trimmings.  Then in the weekend, we put up the Christmas tree and decorate it together.    

On Christmas eve, we have a family dinner, then we open one present.  On Christmas morning, we open all presents and eat the leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner.  I hang Christmas stockings on the fireplace and we have a small tree with ornaments that we can open and stuff things like chocolate, money, notes, etc.  When my kids were little, each one of them gets one bulb a day and on Christmas day, whoever wakes up the earliest can take the last bulb on the tree. Now, they are grown up and don’t live at home anymore.  So, on Christmas day, they pick up 4-5 bulbs and open them at the same time.  Still it’s fun for them to see what they get inside the bulb. 

It still amazes me that after all the presents, slowly but surely they make their way to Christmas stockings hung on the fireplace and start reaching into it.  I realize it doesn’t matter what the age is, the traditions we created stay with them and they always look forward to the Christmas stockings 😊

When I created the tradition, I want my children to remember what we do as a family during the holidays to make memories and hopefully they can pass it to their children.  Now, they are grown up and they make it a priority to come home for the holidays even for a few hours and they have to drive a few hours to go home because they have to work the next day.  It blessed me more than anything, seeing my children sitting on dining table and having a great time with their siblings and enjoying the food and company.   

What is your tradition??  If you don’t have one yet, you can start now 🙂

A good life…

Another year,  a new decade that’s how I celebrated my birthday this year.  The candle is added on the birthday cake but I don’t feel any difference from last year.  I guess  numbers don’t count, but how you feel and what you have done with those years that matter most.  I had a great time celebrating my birthday with my family in the backyard.  When I look at my children, my heart just filled with joy to see them growing up and becoming who they are and most of all they are good looking kids 🙂  I am so blessed to have them in my life and I thank God for choosing me to be their mother.

As I ponder about my birthday, how nice it was to celebrate with family and all the well wishes for my birthday, I realized I also entered a new decade in my life.   A decade is 10 years and a lot of things happened in our lives whether it’s good, bad, sad, and joyful.  The cycle of life continues whether we like it or not and we can’t go against nature.

How do I describe my last decade? It was a decade that I wished was a nightmare.  I wished I could wake up from the nightmare and everything was okay.  But, it didn’t happen that way.  I had to go through a lot of changes in my life from heartaches, sorrows, joy,  to see my children graduating from high school and going to college, finding myself again, losing my beloved pets.  Still… here am I!! standing and breathing, counting my blessings and so happy that God is on my side.  He has been there with me all the way.

A good life doesn’t mean it’s always smooth.  I have had my share of twists and turns, valleys and mountains, high and lows.  Still I look back.. I can smile, have tears in my eyes and say “Thank You God” for a good life 🙂  I am excited for what lies ahead of me and what He has in mind for me.. I just let him lead and stay on the path J

Love at First Sight

Yes… love at first sight!!  The moment I saw her picture, she took my heart away and never left my mind.  I tried to brush her off of my mind and talk myself not getting another pet as I have two small dogs.  But … I kept browsing on pet’s adoption website to see if she was still available.  She resembles my son’s cat which I babysat while he was working in different state, and I miss Bella.

I started talking to my co-worker about her.  She encouraged me to check her out.  It took me a few days before I braved myself to send an email and apply for adoption. Well.. I got a respond within an hour from the foster mom.  She wrote me a very nice email about Lizzy.  She encouraged me to make an appointment to see her.  So, there we went on a rainy Saturday to meet Lizzy and her foster mom.

I learned from the foster mom that Lizzy was an abused cat and just had kittens which had to be taken away from her as she didn’t want to take care of her kittens. She told me that Lizzy is gentle, loving, and loves to cuddle. She also warned me it would take Lizzy a long time to trust me.  As we were leaving the center, my son encouraged me to adopt her.  In his words, Lizzy would be very good for me.

It was a very emotional day when I picked up Lizzy.  The foster mom was sobbing as she has grown to love her, but she knew Lizzy was going to a good home.  Once we were home, I could tell she was fearful. Lizzy found her safe place behind the toilet and she hid there for 3 weeks.  Then she hid under my bed for 5 months.  She came out when I was not home.  As soon as she heard me going into the bedroom, she would run under the bed and didn’t come out.  I would go on the floor and call her name.  She would come to me to be petted but would not come out.

It took a year for Lizzy to be comfortable with everyone in the house and to come out of the bedroom and roam. What I learned from Lizzy is love and trust go hand in hand.  Our pets don’t choose us but we choose to have them in our lives. The same with our relationship with God.  He has been there since the day we were born, it’s up to us to choose Him and have a relationship with Him.  The reward of that relationship is amazing.. just like mine with Lizzy.  She is exactly what the foster mom described her even more 😊


Good Morning America :)

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

What a beautiful morning! Even though the sun is not peeking through the clouds, but I know in my heart it is still shining brightly.  Spring is here, all that seem not to have life, will spring up once the rain showers them and wake them up from their sleep.  Some flowers are already blooming and the birds are back to sing praises to the Lord. 

I woke up this morning with gratitude and smile on my face knowing that I am blessed and my father in heaven has me in His mind and watching over me, my family and the land that I love, America.  I just want to say “THANK YOU” Lord for all that you have done in my life, all the blessings that you have bestowed upon me that when I look back, I can only praise you and thank you because I saw your hands upon the situation and how you provided the way out and bless and carry me through.  As I sit here and ponder about your awesomeness, I can only imagine what you have for me in your mind for my future and the shower of blessings that will come upon me… oh my! Words can’t express it and yes Lord, your thoughts are higher than mine and your ways are higher than mine.  I am just here eagerly waiting to explore the possibilities and where you are taking me 😊

As for you, America! just know that God has you in His hands and His eyes are upon you.  He will not let any harm upon you as He has charged His angels to watch you and station them in the four corners of your land.  God is going to shower His rain of blessings upon you and may you be aware of the things that God is doing in the land, in you and around you.  The shower of rain that brings life to the trees will also bring blessings to you.  He will pour His love upon you. He is pouring His blessings to show His love for you.  God is going to protect your leaders with His shield and if God is for you, who can be against you???

As the Lord commanded, I bless Israel and pray for peace in Jerusalem and Middle East.

Have a blessed week 😊



It has been a while since I write for the blog.  Life has been busy.  I thought when the chidren are grown up, life will slow down… I guess not.  Time also has flown faster than I thought. Before we know it, we will welcome 2017 in 6 weeks.

On this day as we celebrate Thanksgiving, while waiting for the turkey to cook to perfection in the oven 🙂   I have time to think about what I am thankful for this year.  Life has its ups and downs, twist and turn, and all the struggles.  But, when I look back to the beginning of the year,  I cannot help but smile and thank God for all His blessings, His presence in our lives, and not to forget the miracles He has given our family.

One of the miracles is my son coming home and living with us for a while. He graduated from college and got a good job.  He asked if he could live in our home for a while.  He said he is homesick as he has been away for college and not eating good.  In other words, he misses home and mama’s cooking 🙂

I remember talking to one of my best friends, about my children wanting to be with their friends more than families.  She said to me not to worry as they will come back.  Well… I guess she is right! One of my son is moving back home.  And the other ones will come home anytime they can.  It makes me happy that my kids want to come home 🙂  I have made a home for them 🙂

As I get older, my priorities change and look at life differently 🙂 I always believe children are blessings from God and they are our inheritance as the Bible says.  We don’t bring our material things that we accumulate to heaven but we will bring our children to heaven with us and yes they will multiply and we are rich 🙂

Not only that my son is home, he also adopted a cat.  Yes, a black cat with yellow eyes 🙂  As a parent, I told him that pet is a commitment and he can’t just dish her out later when he changes his mind.  He said he is aware of the commitment.  He wanted to adopt a black cat because they are the first to be put down as not many people want to adopt black cats.

Well…. Bellatrix (formerly Samara), a domestic short haired cat came to our home last night 🙂 Bella was a pregnant stray cat when she came to the shelter.  She had five kittens and all were adopted except for her.  My son had a choice either Bella or a 4 month old black kitten that five people wanted to adopt.  He chose Bella and I think he made a good choice.  Bella is sweet,  affectionate, and likes to cuddle.  She is not shy and her presence will be known 🙂 She has “I am nice and sweet but don’t mess with me” kinda attitude 🙂  And guess what? I will babysit her until my son comes home from other state.  He basically adopted the cat before moving back home 🙂

As I watch my children interact with Bella.  I can’t stop smiling 🙂 I guess I have done a good job as a mother teaching my children to love and have compassion.  Most of all, we learn that love doesn’t care about being rich or poor.  Look at Bella, she doesn’t care if we are rich or poor.  The most important thing for her is that she finally has a place called home and a family who will love her.  In return, she will pour her love unconditionally to us.  That’s exactly what God does with us.  He pours His unconditional love to us so we can have a place called home with him in heaven and experience His love while we are on earth.  And all He wants from us is a relationship and love like Bella does to our family 🙂

I pray as you read the story, you also will look back to the beginning of the year and feel the same way I feel about Thanksgiving.  We have plenty to be thankful whether it’s big or small, happy or sad, joy or tears.. the most important thing is that… we made it through and for that alone, we should be thankful 🙂  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!



Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

Happy Monday 🙂

Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  What a beautiful summer morning – cool breeze, blue sky and white clouds, birds are chirping.  Even the nature is praising God this morning for his awesomeness.

America, God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hands.  I pray for protection over you, your leaders, servicemen/women, land and people, no weapon against you shall prosper.  I pray God will expose everything that is planned in the dark to light.  I pray for God to release His warring angels to protect the candidates.  Lord, please raise up leaders for this next election who love America and has the best interest of her people in heart, a true leader, patriotic and can’t be bought in Jesus name, amen.

As The Lord commanded, I bless Israel and pray for peace in Jerusalem and Middle East.

Have a joyful day 🙂

Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

I woke up this morning with thankful heart that I am still here enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. Summer is around the corner and yes… there will be a lot of activities!  I enjoy all seasons with its own beauty.  I am in awe of the masterpiece that God created just for us to enjoy.  He is a good God and loving father.  He loves to bless us.  Take time and enjoy His creation.  Most of all, count your blessings because He is always there blessing you  🙂

As I sit in my porch enjoying my morning coffee, I was reminded that I need to pray for the election in November.   So, Lord hear my prayer.  I lift up America to you.  You know everything and nothing is hidden from you.  You know who will be the next president of the United States of America.  I pray you raise up true leaders who have hearts for America and the best interest of her people.  I pray for leaders who believes in betterment of her people.  A leader who will lead with character and integrity.  I also ask for your protection over the candidates who are campaigning for the election that you protect them.  I plead the blood of Jesus over America and no weapons against her shall prosper.  Every evil plot will be thwarted and cancelled in the name of Jesus.  I ask for your angels to be stationed in the four corners of America.  I pray for the spirit of truth and wisdom to be poured over America that the people will choose  the right president.  Open our eyes to see the truth and ears to hear the truth.  Most of all, Lord I pray that your goodness will be poured over America and once again America will turn her heart towards you.  I ask for forgiveness for the things we have done that are not pleasing to you.  I know you love America and she is still the apple of your eyes.  Bless America, God and everything in it in Jesus name, amen.

As The Lord commanded, I bless Israel and pray for peace in Jerusalem and Middle East.

Have a blessed day 🙂

Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

What a beautiful day!  The sun is up, blue sky, white clouds, the breeze, and yes.. not to forget the hot piping coffee that I am enjoying.  As I sit in my porch and enjoying the morning coffee, I can’t help but praise God for blessing me with all His blessings but most of all, for America where freedom still rings loudly.

Thank you, America for sharing what you have so generously with me.  I bless you, America! I bless your leaders, people, servicemen/women and I pray God’s hands are always upon you and every evil deed, thought and plot against you and your people will be thwarted and exposed in Jesus name.  I pray for the awakening of your people that they will choose the right leader to lead America.  I pray God will raise up leaders who have heart for America and betterment of her people.  I pray for protection for all candidates in this election time that God will send His angels to protect them and keep them safe under His wings.  Lord, you know who supposed to lead America in this next election, I pray for your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Lead us Lord with your truth and wisdom to make the right choice in this coming election in Jesus name, amen.

As The Lord commanded, I bless Israel and pray for peace in Jerusalem and Middle East.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial Day holiday, a holiday in America to remember the fallen soldiers who have died defending the freedom in America.  These brave men and women defend the freedom not only in America but also in other lands where man’s freedom is threatened.  I watched several videos and listened to some patriotic music this morning.  As I watch the slides on the videos of our brave servicemen/women.  I realized when they sign up to join any armed forces, they are signing off their lives to defend our freedom that we take for granted because we have been living in the country where freedom rings loudly.

My mind starts to think and wander about the families of these brave soldiers who also sacrifice a lot for our freedom.  We tend to forget to say even “thank you” to the soldiers for their services or to the families for letting their loved ones go to the frontlines to defend us so we can sleep soundly at night knowing someone, somewhere is on guard watching over our safety.  We forget there are repercussions of wars.. not only casualty of wars but also the trauma of wars that a lot of our veterans suffer and endure to defend our freedom.  Freedom is not cheap, it costs a lot.  Freedom takes courage, bravery, and sacrifice.  Freedom demands it all so someone can live freely without fear and have peace that you are protected.

Today, I say “THANK YOU” America for the freedom you give me to live in the land of free where I can eat, say, do and have choices without being fearful.  Thank you, America for sharing your goodness with me and most of all, thank you for your unselfish welcome to all who desire freedom.  May I never forget your kindness and goodness towards mankind.  I pray God continue to protect America and put His legions of angels to every corner and city in America to watch and defend you.  May God always keep His eyes on you and bless you with His goodness in Jesus name.

To all servicemen and women,  “THANK YOU” for your service to the great ol’ USA and to us.  Without you and your sacrifice we are not where we are today.  I pray God will hold you in the cup of His hands and protect  you as you defend our beloved country.  May God hide you under His wings as you go and protect what you stand for.. freedom.  God bless you and your families!!!

As The Lord commanded, I bless Israel and pray for peace in Jerusalem and Middle East.

Have a blessed Memorial Day!