True Love

We are born to Love and be loved – Susy Pujiro

When I hear the words “True Love”, I always think of an old couple walking hand in hand and still have eyes for each other who has weathered the seasons of their lives and still together no matter what.. that’s what I think of true love is.

To me, true love is having a soul mate, confidant, best friend and lover. Someone to love and to hold.  Someone who I am in love with and he is in love with me.  We both can’t be away from each other more than 5 minutes without missing each other. When I think of him, I have butterflies in my stomach and just a thought of him will make me smile, he will know what’s on my mind without me saying a word.  He makes me laugh. He will look at me with such an adoration in his eyes that love just exudes from his eyes that just melts my heart.  He holds me  when we sleep no matter what the temperature is outside.  Even though, he is across the room but I know that he never lets his eyes off me.  Someone who thinks I am worth all the risk he is taking just to be with me.  When I have a bad day, just being in his arms makes me feel safe and I know I will be okay.

Love is simple yet complicated.  Sometimes, you don’t know how love is going to turn.  You can’t force love because  you just fall in love. Love has to be felt with the heart. Love is like the wind, you don’t know when it comes but you can feel it touching you. That’s why when you kiss, you close your eyes because you are feeling it with your heart. You close your eyes when you  cry, because your heart hurts so much that you can’t bear the pain.

You fall in love and you feel you are on top of the world and hoping the love you feel will last into eternity.  Suddenly for no reason, love dies, you break up and your heart is broken.  It hurts so much that you don’t think you can live another day.  Yet, as the day goes with each tear you shed, you feel a bit better and you can survive another hour and as it is said, time is a healer.. yes time is a healer but the scars are still there and sometimes when the scars are not truly healed.. you still feel the pain now and then.

Because of the pain and the broken heart,  you are afraid to love again.  If you do that, you will be missing love.  Love is worth taking the risk to be hurt and got your heart broken, because love is meant to be experienced. We are born to love and be loved. I have been in love, broken hearted and yet I am not afraid to risk being hurt and broken hearted to be with someone I love and experience love again rather not at all.  When you cry because of love, you know you are human and able to love and give.

Sometimes you never know how much you love a person until you let her/him go and you realize you make a mistake of letting go.  So, if you find your true love, hold on to her/him and don’t take them for granted and give God thanks for giving you someone to love and to hold.   Sometimes the best thing in life only happens once and if you are lucky, you will have a second chance.

Through my journey of love, I find there is one true love and that is God’s love that is everlasting and unconditional.  He loves me for who I am with every flaw I have.  He doesn’t judge me.  Because of His love, He even gave His life for me so He could save me.  Now that I have experienced His love and goodness, I will not want to live my life without Him.

Jesus…. Don’t leave earth without Him.