Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

Happy Monday!

Spring is here 🙂 weather is getting nicer and warmer!  I am watching the miracles of life once again unfolding before my eyes.  Trees that are leafless, suddenly springing with fresh green leaves.  Bulbs that are dormant for three seasons, pushing its shoots and displaying its splendid colors and fragrance.  The birds are singing praises to the Lord once the sun peaks in the East.  I love  4 seasons with its beauty and uniqueness.  Thank you, America for sharing your beauty with me!

As I sat in my porch spending quiet time with lover of my soul.  I watch the birds flying from one tree to another and chirping, singing a melody to the Lord.  I can’t help myself not to praise and worship Him.  Each day is a miracle from God 🙂 When I woke up this morning  and able to enjoy my cup of coffee, and most of all living in the land of free who has been so generous in giving and sharing her land, fruits, and freedom with me.  I can’t help it and thank God for America!

I pray God that you will bless America, her land, leaders, servicemen/women, people and that you will protect her from the evil one.  I pray for your blood to cover America and no weapons against her shall prosper.  I lift up the coming election, as your word says in Psalm 75:6-7 that promotion only comes from you and yes we have free will to choose because you are a loving God and you will not impose your agenda to us.  I pray Lord, you will raise up president and leaders who have a heart and love for America and for the betterment of America and her people.  I pray you will lead all of us to truth and nothing but the truth as the truth will set us free.  I pray you will hover over America like you did on Genesis 1:1 and pour your spirit of truth, open the ears of the people to hear the truth, unveil our eyes to see clearly.  I know you have plans for America and you love America, the apple of your eyes.  I pray you will pass by America with your goodness, mercy, love, and grace.  Please protect all candidates during this election and may your plan for America prevail because you are an awesome, merciful God, slow to anger and love to bless your children in Jesus name, amen.

Everyday is full of miracles from God 🙂 look around and you will count your blessings and smile 🙂 God loves you and most of all, He knows you by name 🙂

Have a blessed day!


Life is Vibrant :)

Life is full of colors 🙂 – Susy Pujiro

I was running into the grocery store to pick up a pie for a church picnic on Sunday.  As I was rushing through the aisles to go to the bakery section, I had to pass the flower shop in the store.  Suddenly my eyes caught this woman who was picking flower bouquet.  I thought what a spunky woman with an orange/gold high heels, colorful legging and a black top, short black hair.. I thought “wow, she got style”.  She looked vibrant.  As I passed her, I complimented on how good she looked.

I picked up the pie.  As I was walking towards the cashier, I saw her still there at the flower shop picking some flowers.  So, I approached her and said “life is worth living, isn’t it?  She broke into laugh and said to me “you are right, I just turned 65 and you make my day”.  I had a good look at her.  Her face was glowing and her eyes were vibrant and full of life, and yes.. I noticed she sprayed her bangs some green color 🙂 so we talked for a few minutes and we both laughed.

On the way to my car, I could not stop thinking of her being so vibrant and full of life and dare to wear some colors to show her personality.  I thought to myself, that should be the life we live, dare to be different and won’t let age hold us back.  She truly got style 🙂