Love at First Sight

Yes… love at first sight!!  The moment I saw her picture, she took my heart away and never left my mind.  I tried to brush her off of my mind and talk myself not getting another pet as I have two small dogs.  But … I kept browsing on pet’s adoption website to see if she was still available.  She resembles my son’s cat which I babysat while he was working in different state, and I miss Bella.

I started talking to my co-worker about her.  She encouraged me to check her out.  It took me a few days before I braved myself to send an email and apply for adoption. Well.. I got a respond within an hour from the foster mom.  She wrote me a very nice email about Lizzy.  She encouraged me to make an appointment to see her.  So, there we went on a rainy Saturday to meet Lizzy and her foster mom.

I learned from the foster mom that Lizzy was an abused cat and just had kittens which had to be taken away from her as she didn’t want to take care of her kittens. She told me that Lizzy is gentle, loving, and loves to cuddle. She also warned me it would take Lizzy a long time to trust me.  As we were leaving the center, my son encouraged me to adopt her.  In his words, Lizzy would be very good for me.

It was a very emotional day when I picked up Lizzy.  The foster mom was sobbing as she has grown to love her, but she knew Lizzy was going to a good home.  Once we were home, I could tell she was fearful. Lizzy found her safe place behind the toilet and she hid there for 3 weeks.  Then she hid under my bed for 5 months.  She came out when I was not home.  As soon as she heard me going into the bedroom, she would run under the bed and didn’t come out.  I would go on the floor and call her name.  She would come to me to be petted but would not come out.

It took a year for Lizzy to be comfortable with everyone in the house and to come out of the bedroom and roam. What I learned from Lizzy is love and trust go hand in hand.  Our pets don’t choose us but we choose to have them in our lives. The same with our relationship with God.  He has been there since the day we were born, it’s up to us to choose Him and have a relationship with Him.  The reward of that relationship is amazing.. just like mine with Lizzy.  She is exactly what the foster mom described her even more 😊