Coincidence or…????

“An hour with one friend is worth more than ten with strangers” – Fortune Cookie

I went out to lunch with a dear friend today and there were only two of us but the waitress gave us 3 fortune cookies.  I opened one before we left the restaurant and I read it to her, she laughed and said it fits you.  I put the extra fortune cookie in my purse.

On the way home, I got a message from Andrew to check my email as he sent me documents to read.  As soon as I got home, I turned on my computer to read the documents.    While I was reading the documents, a dear friend came on skype so we talked for an hour to catch up about lives.  I have wondered how he is doing as I haven’t talked to him for a while.  I learned that his father passed away three weeks before Christmas.  We had a good conversation.

Half hour after the conversation, I remembered my extra fortune cookie in my purse.  I opened it and it said “An hour with one friend is worth more than ten with strangers”.  I laughed as I thought “Wow..God!! I took the picture of the fortune cookie and sent it to him, I told him that we are destined to be friends 🙂

My eyes are quite open now to the miracles happen daily, whether it’s in the form of a message from fortune cookies, a line I hear from watching TV, the billboard in the freeway, the radio or whatever comes that takes my notice.  I remember the big miracles happened in my life but I have come to realize miracle happens everyday and it’s God’s way of communicating with us and letting us know that He loves us, He hears us and He is watching over us.  It’s my own ignorance and busyness that make me unaware of Him.

Our life alone is a miracle 🙂  so, open your eyes to the miracles happening in your daily life and take a note of it, write it down.  When you look back, you will smile and you will see every miracle that happen to you.  God bless you and love you 🙂