The Old Lady In The Moon :)

Love eventually will find its way – Susy Pujiro

When I was little, my mother would tell me bedtime stories.  One of the many stories she told me was about the old lady in the moon.  Whenever it was full moon, she would point to the moon and told me there was an old lady living in the moon.  Her job was to tie red string on people’s ankles who supposed to be married but if they go and marry someone else. The string is still there, and eventually they will find each other and marry 🙂

As I grew up, I forgot about the story of the old lady in the moon.  I got married to the love of my life and I thought it would be till death do us part but that was not the case.  What I learned in my journey of love, is that love doesn’t change, meaning of marriage doesn’t change, the vow doesn’t change but people change.  We can not choose to fall in love, we just fall because love is like wind, you don’t know where it comes from but you can feel it touching you.  At any moment, we can choose to fall out of love because we have a change in heart.

I was reminded of the story while I was talking to my friend about relationship 🙂  Something awakened inside my heart that gives me hope.  Yes, I married the love of my life but was he the one with the same red string in his ankle as mine..?

Well.. life definitely is interesting and here I am later in life being reminded of the story that I heard when I was a little girl.  I have hope that the man who has the same red string on his ankle as mine is out there, looking for me and when he finds me.  I will know it in my heart that he is the one 🙂

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