Someone loves you…..

We should not be mean to anybody because that anybody has someone who loves them – Mary Pujiro

While I am cleaning my office today, The Lord reminds me of what my mom used to say when I was growing up.  She always said that we should not be mean to a person as someone loves them and we should remember that.  In this instance, she was speaking about her daughter in law and sons in law.

As I grew up, I watched how my mom interacted with her daughter in law and sons in law.  She was always courteous with them and did not interfere in their relationships.  Now, that both of my parents are gone.  I realize even though I don’t have my earthly parents anymore but someone still loves me very much, watches over me, and always have my best interest in His mind.. and that person is God.  I am never alone, He is always there for me 🙂

I hope and pray that I will be like my mother towards my children’s spouses.  I have watched my sons dating and breaking up with their girlfriends.  I am always there for them and I refrain myself to not interfere in their relationships.  I have likened both of my sons’ girlfriends.  We  get along pretty well, to make them comfortable sitting in my kitchen and visiting with me.

I would admit, I love my sons’ girlfriends like my own daughters.  They are still young, but my prayers that God will bring them who He wants them to marry and raise a family together and serve Him.  I think that’s the prayers of all parents for their kids.  I am blessed 🙂