Someone loves you…..

We should not be mean to anybody because that anybody has someone who loves them – Mary Pujiro

While I am cleaning my office today, The Lord reminds me of what my mom used to say when I was growing up.  She always said that we should not be mean to a person as someone loves them and we should remember that.  In this instance, she was speaking about her daughter in law and sons in law.

As I grew up, I watched how my mom interacted with her daughter in law and sons in law.  She was always courteous with them and did not interfere in their relationships.  Now, that both of my parents are gone.  I realize even though I don’t have my earthly parents anymore but someone still loves me very much, watches over me, and always have my best interest in His mind.. and that person is God.  I am never alone, He is always there for me 🙂

I hope and pray that I will be like my mother towards my children’s spouses.  I have watched my sons dating and breaking up with their girlfriends.  I am always there for them and I refrain myself to not interfere in their relationships.  I have likened both of my sons’ girlfriends.  We  get along pretty well, to make them comfortable sitting in my kitchen and visiting with me.

I would admit, I love my sons’ girlfriends like my own daughters.  They are still young, but my prayers that God will bring them who He wants them to marry and raise a family together and serve Him.  I think that’s the prayers of all parents for their kids.  I am blessed 🙂



Who Is God?

God is a touchy subject to discuss as there are a lot of opinions about him.  Some people don’t believe God, some people do.  Some people say He does not exist because we can not see Him, some people believe He exists.

 So, who is God?

 For me personally, God is the creator of heaven and earth.  When I look around me, I am in awe with His creation.  The fish in the sea, the stars in the sky, the moon and the sun, the planets and animals,  the trees and flowers, and not to mention us who is created in His own image.  He created all of these beautiful things for us to enjoy because He loves us.  He is Trinity : The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  He is lover of my soul, he loves me unconditionally.  He always has His eyes on me all the time, He treasures me and put me in the cup of His hands.  When I think of Him, He makes me smile and my heart swells.  He is the strong tower who gives me shelter when the storm is raging in.  He is the wind beneath my wings so I can fly above the storm of life.  He is the light house that will guide me to safety.  He hides me under His wings to protect me.  He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.  He is a gentleman, He keeps His promises to me.  He is my daddy who loves to bless His little girl with every good gift.  He showers me with His mercy and goodness all the days of my life.

 But you say, how can you say that..? it’s easy..  think of it as dating and falling in love with your girlfriend or boyfriend.  You can not wait to see them, you think of them throughout the day.  You smile when you get the text message.  Your mind is consumed with your lover.  It will be the same way with God 🙂

 God is love.  You can not see what love looks like but you can feel love and you know what love is. You can not see Him with your bare eyes but you can see Him with the eyes of your heart.  You will know Him because you know Him first in your heart 🙂

 Take a moment, close your eyes and think of love.  If you dare, 🙂 take the step to get to know Him and you will be amazed at what Love can do for you 🙂