You Passed the Test… God

When and how? I wasn’t aware that God gave me a test and I aced it.  There is a quote that says “Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts”.  Those little things also occupy God’s heart and makes Him smile when He thinks of you.

This week has been a series of small favors that happened to me that I would never thought as a test from God but rather compassion and act of kindness towards our fellow human being. 

 It all started on Tuesday night when I got a call from my family in Indonesia and asked if they could borrow some money to take my niece to the hospital who had an asthma attack.  I didn’t have enough money in my checking account to give them.  Furthermore, I had to stretch the little money I had until Friday when I got my paycheck.  I explained to them my situation, they understood and said it was okay.  Even though I said no, I couldn’t help not to think about my niece.  I had a check that my son was going to help me deposit the next day.  So, I made a call to my son and explain the situation.  He agreed to borrow me some money and I would pay him as soon as he deposited the check.  So, I sent the money and mission accomplished.  

On Thursday morning, while I was on business call, an unknown number called me.  Five minutes later, the number called me again.  I couldn’t pick up the call because I was still on business call.  I also have a habit not to pick up any unknown calls and let it go to my voicemail and return the call later.  Because the caller called me twice in 5 minutes, I decided to call the number back after I finished with my business call.  He called me to inquire about my car that I have been trying to sell for 5 months. I sold my car within an hour at a good price.  He told me that he bought the car for his wife.  I love the car and wish I have the money to fix it because it was a car that my children drove during their school years.  I have been praying to God for a buyer that will appreciate the car and take good care of it as it has been good for my children.  

After I was done with the transaction to sell my car, I went to my kitchen to get a cup of tea and I heard the still small voice said “you passed the test”.  I recognize His voice and I asked Him how I passed the test.  He brought to my remembrance what I did on Tuesday night for my niece. I thought that was a test and I didn’t know it.

Later in the evening while I was at my part time job, walked into the store, a tall handsome young man with wavy golden blond hair.  He caught my eyes because of his stature.  He asked me if we have California King bedsheet.  I told him I only had one on clearance if it has not sold yet.  The set was still there and he bought it for $92.05.  He gave me 5 twenty dollar bills and I asked him if he had 5 cents.  He said he didn’t have any and I told him I would take care of 5 cents for him from my change wallet.   He made a comment that it was nice of me to do so, and I told him “God is good” and he replied to me “indeed, God is good”.  Before he left the counter, he gave me his change and I told him it was only 5 cents and he didn’t have to.  He said “because of your kindness, it’s for you”.  He tipped me 8 dollars J

As the night went, I couldn’t stop thinking about him because he somehow looked familiar to me – his wavy golden blond hair, tall and his demeanor.  Suddenly, I remembered years ago while I prayed I got visited by an angel that looked just like him.  I thought “WOW”.  I got visited by an angel after I passed the test J

We never know the little things we do for others as random act of kindness can be a test from God.  I looked back at the events this week.  So, I passed the test by giving little money to my family, then He answered my prayer and brought a buyer that I prayed for plus good price for the car.  He later sent His angel to confirm His law of multiplication.  Do you know how many 5 cents in 8 dollars = 160 pieces! When we bless His children, He blesses us in multiplication.  We never know what that multiplication will be.  It can mean health, wealth, relationship, friendship, children, protection, etc.  He is a father with a big heart for His children and loves to bless His children and meets our needs. 

This week also reminded of a story in the Bible when a poor woman gave all she had in the offering and Jesus made a comment that what she did will be remembered.  When you have little and you give, you give with your heart.  When you have plenty and you give, you give because you can. It’s the little things that matter the most and it fits perfectly to God’s little tests to us. Have a blessed day!

Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial Day holiday, a holiday in America to remember the fallen soldiers who have died defending the freedom in America.  These brave men and women defend the freedom not only in America but also in other lands where man’s freedom is threatened.  I watched several videos and listened to some patriotic music this morning.  As I watch the slides on the videos of our brave servicemen/women.  I realized when they sign up to join any armed forces, they are signing off their lives to defend our freedom that we take for granted because we have been living in the country where freedom rings loudly.

My mind starts to think and wander about the families of these brave soldiers who also sacrifice a lot for our freedom.  We tend to forget to say even “thank you” to the soldiers for their services or to the families for letting their loved ones go to the frontlines to defend us so we can sleep soundly at night knowing someone, somewhere is on guard watching over our safety.  We forget there are repercussions of wars.. not only casualty of wars but also the trauma of wars that a lot of our veterans suffer and endure to defend our freedom.  Freedom is not cheap, it costs a lot.  Freedom takes courage, bravery, and sacrifice.  Freedom demands it all so someone can live freely without fear and have peace that you are protected.

Today, I say “THANK YOU” America for the freedom you give me to live in the land of free where I can eat, say, do and have choices without being fearful.  Thank you, America for sharing your goodness with me and most of all, thank you for your unselfish welcome to all who desire freedom.  May I never forget your kindness and goodness towards mankind.  I pray God continue to protect America and put His legions of angels to every corner and city in America to watch and defend you.  May God always keep His eyes on you and bless you with His goodness in Jesus name.

To all servicemen and women,  “THANK YOU” for your service to the great ol’ USA and to us.  Without you and your sacrifice we are not where we are today.  I pray God will hold you in the cup of His hands and protect  you as you defend our beloved country.  May God hide you under His wings as you go and protect what you stand for.. freedom.  God bless you and your families!!!

As The Lord commanded, I bless Israel and pray for peace in Jerusalem and Middle East.

Have a blessed Memorial Day!


Love Knows No End :)

Love is the beginning, middle, and end – Anonymous

I went shopping the other day.  While browsing through the store, I found a dish soap that caught my eye.  I was not going to buy it, but I kept going back and looking at the dish.  Finally, I decided to buy the soap dish.  The writing on the dish was what caught my eye.  It said “love is the beginning, middle, and end”.

The dish is sitting on my dresser now and I keep looking at it.  The colors are simple, beige and green.  I am going to use it for jewelry dish.  I have time to ponder what it said in the last couple days.

How true it is about love.  Love doesn’t know any end.  The beginning always start with a warm fuzzy feeling of falling in love, that makes you smile when you think of that person, put butterfly in your stomach at the thought of that person, you can’t eat and sleep, you wake up in the morning with that person in your mind, you can’t stop thinking of him/her all day, you can’t wait to see them.

All along love grows in the middle and you continue in the relationship with love guiding you through thick and thin, bad days and good days as life brings.  While you walk alongside love in the middle, you need to make a conscious effort to give love TLC otherwise love cannot grow as you expect it, or love can wither and die away.  Love can’t grow without being tended and nurtured.  The middle love is the most important part of love.

At the end, love is how you nurture it.  Love will always be there to the end, no matter what the end is.  I always think when love ends, it’s the end of love.  But it’s not the case, when love dies, love is still there in your heart but it’s not the love that you used to feel but it becomes a memory of love.

So, don’t forget 🙂 love is the beginning, middle and end.  Love is always there.  It’s our job to nurture love so it can grow and bear fruit of happiness, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness.  Love is not selfish 🙂 LOVE = GIVE 🙂

Have a blessed love week 🙂