You Passed the Test… God

When and how? I wasn’t aware that God gave me a test and I aced it.  There is a quote that says “Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts”.  Those little things also occupy God’s heart and makes Him smile when He thinks of you.

This week has been a series of small favors that happened to me that I would never thought as a test from God but rather compassion and act of kindness towards our fellow human being. 

 It all started on Tuesday night when I got a call from my family in Indonesia and asked if they could borrow some money to take my niece to the hospital who had an asthma attack.  I didn’t have enough money in my checking account to give them.  Furthermore, I had to stretch the little money I had until Friday when I got my paycheck.  I explained to them my situation, they understood and said it was okay.  Even though I said no, I couldn’t help not to think about my niece.  I had a check that my son was going to help me deposit the next day.  So, I made a call to my son and explain the situation.  He agreed to borrow me some money and I would pay him as soon as he deposited the check.  So, I sent the money and mission accomplished.  

On Thursday morning, while I was on business call, an unknown number called me.  Five minutes later, the number called me again.  I couldn’t pick up the call because I was still on business call.  I also have a habit not to pick up any unknown calls and let it go to my voicemail and return the call later.  Because the caller called me twice in 5 minutes, I decided to call the number back after I finished with my business call.  He called me to inquire about my car that I have been trying to sell for 5 months. I sold my car within an hour at a good price.  He told me that he bought the car for his wife.  I love the car and wish I have the money to fix it because it was a car that my children drove during their school years.  I have been praying to God for a buyer that will appreciate the car and take good care of it as it has been good for my children.  

After I was done with the transaction to sell my car, I went to my kitchen to get a cup of tea and I heard the still small voice said “you passed the test”.  I recognize His voice and I asked Him how I passed the test.  He brought to my remembrance what I did on Tuesday night for my niece. I thought that was a test and I didn’t know it.

Later in the evening while I was at my part time job, walked into the store, a tall handsome young man with wavy golden blond hair.  He caught my eyes because of his stature.  He asked me if we have California King bedsheet.  I told him I only had one on clearance if it has not sold yet.  The set was still there and he bought it for $92.05.  He gave me 5 twenty dollar bills and I asked him if he had 5 cents.  He said he didn’t have any and I told him I would take care of 5 cents for him from my change wallet.   He made a comment that it was nice of me to do so, and I told him “God is good” and he replied to me “indeed, God is good”.  Before he left the counter, he gave me his change and I told him it was only 5 cents and he didn’t have to.  He said “because of your kindness, it’s for you”.  He tipped me 8 dollars J

As the night went, I couldn’t stop thinking about him because he somehow looked familiar to me – his wavy golden blond hair, tall and his demeanor.  Suddenly, I remembered years ago while I prayed I got visited by an angel that looked just like him.  I thought “WOW”.  I got visited by an angel after I passed the test J

We never know the little things we do for others as random act of kindness can be a test from God.  I looked back at the events this week.  So, I passed the test by giving little money to my family, then He answered my prayer and brought a buyer that I prayed for plus good price for the car.  He later sent His angel to confirm His law of multiplication.  Do you know how many 5 cents in 8 dollars = 160 pieces! When we bless His children, He blesses us in multiplication.  We never know what that multiplication will be.  It can mean health, wealth, relationship, friendship, children, protection, etc.  He is a father with a big heart for His children and loves to bless His children and meets our needs. 

This week also reminded of a story in the Bible when a poor woman gave all she had in the offering and Jesus made a comment that what she did will be remembered.  When you have little and you give, you give with your heart.  When you have plenty and you give, you give because you can. It’s the little things that matter the most and it fits perfectly to God’s little tests to us. Have a blessed day!


It has been a while since I write for the blog.  Life has been busy.  I thought when the chidren are grown up, life will slow down… I guess not.  Time also has flown faster than I thought. Before we know it, we will welcome 2017 in 6 weeks.

On this day as we celebrate Thanksgiving, while waiting for the turkey to cook to perfection in the oven 🙂   I have time to think about what I am thankful for this year.  Life has its ups and downs, twist and turn, and all the struggles.  But, when I look back to the beginning of the year,  I cannot help but smile and thank God for all His blessings, His presence in our lives, and not to forget the miracles He has given our family.

One of the miracles is my son coming home and living with us for a while. He graduated from college and got a good job.  He asked if he could live in our home for a while.  He said he is homesick as he has been away for college and not eating good.  In other words, he misses home and mama’s cooking 🙂

I remember talking to one of my best friends, about my children wanting to be with their friends more than families.  She said to me not to worry as they will come back.  Well… I guess she is right! One of my son is moving back home.  And the other ones will come home anytime they can.  It makes me happy that my kids want to come home 🙂  I have made a home for them 🙂

As I get older, my priorities change and look at life differently 🙂 I always believe children are blessings from God and they are our inheritance as the Bible says.  We don’t bring our material things that we accumulate to heaven but we will bring our children to heaven with us and yes they will multiply and we are rich 🙂

Not only that my son is home, he also adopted a cat.  Yes, a black cat with yellow eyes 🙂  As a parent, I told him that pet is a commitment and he can’t just dish her out later when he changes his mind.  He said he is aware of the commitment.  He wanted to adopt a black cat because they are the first to be put down as not many people want to adopt black cats.

Well…. Bellatrix (formerly Samara), a domestic short haired cat came to our home last night 🙂 Bella was a pregnant stray cat when she came to the shelter.  She had five kittens and all were adopted except for her.  My son had a choice either Bella or a 4 month old black kitten that five people wanted to adopt.  He chose Bella and I think he made a good choice.  Bella is sweet,  affectionate, and likes to cuddle.  She is not shy and her presence will be known 🙂 She has “I am nice and sweet but don’t mess with me” kinda attitude 🙂  And guess what? I will babysit her until my son comes home from other state.  He basically adopted the cat before moving back home 🙂

As I watch my children interact with Bella.  I can’t stop smiling 🙂 I guess I have done a good job as a mother teaching my children to love and have compassion.  Most of all, we learn that love doesn’t care about being rich or poor.  Look at Bella, she doesn’t care if we are rich or poor.  The most important thing for her is that she finally has a place called home and a family who will love her.  In return, she will pour her love unconditionally to us.  That’s exactly what God does with us.  He pours His unconditional love to us so we can have a place called home with him in heaven and experience His love while we are on earth.  And all He wants from us is a relationship and love like Bella does to our family 🙂

I pray as you read the story, you also will look back to the beginning of the year and feel the same way I feel about Thanksgiving.  We have plenty to be thankful whether it’s big or small, happy or sad, joy or tears.. the most important thing is that… we made it through and for that alone, we should be thankful 🙂  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!