The Day At The Beach

Hampton Beach… 🙂 here we come!

It was a perfect morning to go to the beach today.. blue sky, white clouds and the sun was smiling at us.  I felt like God was blessing us with a perfect weather to go to the beach.  It has been 4 years since I went to the beach.. I mean a real ocean 🙂  It was a perfect day spent with my beautiful daughter and niece.  The drive was great,  We rolled down the windows, cranked up the music and sang along.  As we got closer to the ocean, I could feel the gentle breeze and ahhh… the smell of the ocean was like none other.  I was just taken by the beautiful sight of piers, fishing boats and yes.. the water.  I wish we could stop by the fish market and bought some fish and just grilled it by the beach.. as it would have been a perfect lunch too 🙂

Since it was a perfect day, we knew parking would be a challenge and we had to haul all our beach stuff but God amazed us with the little things He would do for us.  We found a perfect parking spot right at the beach house.  Thank you, God!   We set up our blankets and dug the sands for our umbrella and made sure it didn’t get blown away by the wind. Of course, we couldn’t forget about the goodies we brought to munch.  The water was cold but didn’t scare us to jump in and having a good time.  We walked along the beach for a mile and we just enjoyed having the waves touched our feet as we walked along.

I was thanking God for the day and His creation.  It’s amazing to look at the ocean, you think where the horizon meets the water is the end but yet if you get closer, the water still goes and where it goes, we only have an idea but not for sure.  The same with our life and dreams.  When we think we have reached the end, somehow if we look deeper into our life and dreams.. we realize we haven’t truly reached the end yet.  There are still things in life that we have not explored and dreams that we still have to pursue because we never know when the end truly is an end.  Most of the time, the end of something is the new beginning.  So, look at the horizon and don’t limit yourself to your potential and pursue your dream.  You never know what the new beginning will bring you. And most of all, don’t limit God… He will amaze you 🙂


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