Friends Are Family You Choose

It has been two years since I came to visit my very best friend in Boston, MA.  I miss her and am excited to see her again.  As soon as my daughter and I landed at Boston airport., we felt like we were home.  I have gone to many places to travel and visit friends.  I am blessed to say I have friends in many states and countries that I could visit and connect.  Friends that I met at the grocery store, restaurants, church, neighbors, colleagues,  or through a friend.  Friends that have become part of my life for many years and distance will not matter because as soon as we see each other again, we connect just like yesterday.

As I lay my head on the pillow in the same bedroom I was two years ago.  I realized wherever I go, I have a place to lay my head down.  Some of the places I lay my head down is like going home to my mother’s house.  I thank God for friends He has put in my paths who become my family and a big part of my life.  We have gone through stages of our lives and yet we are still here, supporting one another, helping in any which way we can, we don’t count the cost.   We laugh together till our stomach hurt, we cry with tears of compassion, we cheer on the good things happening in our lives, not to count all the holidays, birthdays and our girls night out where we eat, enjoy the food and company and yes…we close the restaurants 🙂

Mieke and I went to the same church which we just joined..  She saw me dropping my son at the nursery as she dropped her daughter too. The following Tuesday, I was shopping at Walmart and she spotted me and came to me and told me that she saw me on Sunday at church and she just moved from Nebraska.  She gave me her number and I told her I would call and invite her for dinner at my house with another friend.  Well.. the rest is history 🙂  she is a little sister that I never had.  It was hard to see her move to Boston but I know it’s also God’s plan for their family.  Our children grew up together and they call each other “cousins”.

I believe God put people in our paths and connect us with friends because that is what is in His heart.. a relationship.  I never know when the friendship ends and we start being a family… it just happened naturally.  I guess what we experience in friendship is a mirror of what God longs to have with us.. a relationship. I don’t believe in coincidence anymore.  I believe God put people in our paths for friendship and relationships that will last a season,  lifetime and goes to eternity.  Friends are family that God chooses for us 🙂  because He knows what we need .. a family 🙂 So, take time to visit with your friends, pick up the phone and just say hi. meet for a cup of coffee and catch up.   A relationship is not on auto pilot, we need to be a friend before we have friends.  We have to extend the invitation 🙂


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