What A Wonderful Christmas :)

Christmas in our home usually starts a night before Christmas with a family dinner and of course the excitements of opening the presents after dinner.  We usually open 1 – 2 gifts and then we leave the rest of the gifts for Christmas morning and not to forget what is in the Christmas stockings.  I usually get up earlier than everyone and start stuffing the stockings.   Then I make a cup of coffee with some Bailey’s and have some quiet time before the Christmas buzz starts again.

My oldest son who is mad at me and skipped the Christmas dinner, came home this morning and join us for Christmas day.  I would admit, Christmas is not complete without him.  As mad as he was, he got me what I wanted for Christmas – scarves 🙂  and exactly what I would have bought.

My second son who is in college, came home and asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him fuzzy socks.  He told me there is no way, he was going to get me only socks.  In his words, he would not spend more money on his girlfriend and just buy me socks.  He touched my heart so much and I know I have trained him well :)Don’t get me wrong,  He told me what he got her and I am proud of him.

My third son is the sweetest and he has the cutest smile with dimples and big brown eyes. He did not ask me what I wanted but he bought me gifts that made my heart swell and I know he puts thoughts of what to give me.  On top of this, he bought groceries and cooked for the whole family.  He has been watching the Food network on TV and he made everything from scratch.  I am so proud of him.

My daughter who has been quiet about Christmas, finally told me that I deserve something nice because I have been working so hard.  She is a vibrant, beautiful, generous, kindhearted, intelligent girl.  She and her 2nd brother split a gift that is so wonderful for me and cost them a fortune.

This Christmas season has been one miracle after another.  I realize it’s God’s way of letting me know that He sees everything I have gone through and this is His way of blessing me with the restoration of my family and I guess we just add another Christmas tradition whereas my third son will cook on Christmas day 🙂

I look forward to a new year 2014 and excited of what He has for me 🙂