Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

Happy Monday 🙂

A new day, a new week with its promises and yes, it’s cloudy today in America.  I feel the cloud is nature’s way of saying that America is also mourning with Paris over the loss of lives.  I pray for peace  and comfort for the families that lost their loved ones.  I pray God’s grace will cover them and give them strength to go through each hour and day as they grieve.  God, I pray that you will protect America and our allies.  I pray you send your angels to be around our borders and every evil plot and deed will be exposed to the light and be thwarted  and no weapons against America shall prosper in Jesus mighty name, amen.

May it be that we do not forget our blessings each day and say “I love you” to the loved ones as you never know when it will be the last time.  Go and enjoy life, savor the coffee, smell the roses, or just take a deep breath to rest, take note about your surroundings.  Life is good and precious.. It’s God’s gift to you 🙂

As The Lord commanded, I bless Israel and pray for peace in Jerusalem, Middle East and Paris.

Have a blessed day 🙂