Good Morning America!

I woke up this morning to a beautiful wintery landscape.  The sun is trying to peak through the clouds. The snow covers the ground, makes it white and clean.  There is no wind, all is quiet and calm.  Today the nature reminds me to take time to rest and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, because every season has its beauty and experience.  We can’t duplicate them, so take it at its moment.

America, you are beautiful and God truly thinks of everything He can bless you with.  I pray that everyone in America will have an appreciation of what you have to offer all of us.  Most of all, I pray God will never take His eyes of you and He covers you with His mighty wings.  I plead the blood of Jesus to cover America from East to West, North and South and no weapons against you shall prosper.  I pray for every evil deed and plots to be exposed and thwarted.  I also pray for peace and grace to cover you, America.  Lord, I pray that you will awaken the people of America and give them eyes to see and ears to hear what God is saying in Jesus name, amen.

Father, I pray for the families that lost their loved ones in California.  Lord, words might not be enough to comfort them, so I ask that you will give them your peace that is beyond our understanding and cover them with your amazing grace.  Give them strength to go through each day and I pray that through all of this, they will come to know the power of your love in Jesus name, amen.

May you be blessed today with all the blessings God has for you 🙂 May you take some time to rest and enjoy the beauty of the season 🙂 God bless America, God bless you 🙂