March Flower with Watermark


Life is precious and a gift that we take for granted till we get a wake up call and realize how fragile life is, as it’s only a vapor…one minute we are breathing and the other minute could be the last breath we take, so enjoy it as you only live for today.

Love is a word that used very often even for hamburgers and hot dogs.. but do we know the true meaning of love ? if we say, we love…do we truly mean it ? if we say we love, we should show it in a simple way, in an act of kindness as love is the greatest gift of all and everyone needs love… so, instead of saying love, show love

It is said that laughter is the best medicine as it releases endorphins in your body, the chemical that makes you happy the more you laugh, the happier you are so don’t sweat the small stuff…find good in everything… chuckle at the things that bother you and soon enough it won’t bother you and you will be smiling and without you realizing, you will be laughing..

Have a blessed week 🙂