Tribute To A Loving Friend


Saturday, November 7th, 2015 was another sad day in my life as I had to put my baby to sleep.  He was a Shar-pei and his name was George Winston.  He lived a good life for almost 13 years (2 months short).  He was born on January 1, 2003 and was adopted to our family on Valentine’s Day 2003.  We had many nicknames for him : big bear, pooh bear, Winnie the pooh, bapa, and poohey.  He was a handsome big boy with a gentle heart, full of love for his family.

He gave our family so much joy and love and filled the void of missing Chester.  He was the combination of my first and second Shar-pei. He was gentle yet fierceful.  He seemed to know when to go to bed.  When the clock rang at 9:00 pm, he would go upstairs to my bedroom and sleep on his bed or I would find him taking over half of my bed.  He would not move.

He was loving, loyal and protective of his family.  He watched over us with all his heart.  He intimidated every person who came to our home, no matter how many times they have been in our home.  He would bark and the sound of his bark would have made you run for a cover.  He would encircle and check you out and make sure you were good, just like a bodyguard would do until I told him it was okay.  He was not bothered with little things happening in the home but watch out if you were on my property.  He would not hesitate to run after anything that would endanger his family.

He loved to lay in the sun and enjoy the afternoon rays in the porch.  He taught the little ones who the boss in the house.  He would let them play and put them in their place when they were out of line.  He would look at me with his puppy eyes and tell me that he got me covered.

I know I will cry for many days ahead and will miss him dearly.  My heart hurts so much of losing him very quick without warning, but on the other hand, I am glad he did not suffer.  It was unexpected..  He didn’t go alone.  I was there with my daughter, my very best friend, my niece and her family came to say good bye to him.  All my children had their time with him and said good bye via facetime.  Thank God for technology 🙂 We love our Winston.

Dogs are faithful, loyal, loving and willing to lay down their lives for their loved ones. Dog is the only animal when you spell it backward, spells GOD.  Some people said there is a rainbow bridge where our loved pets will be waiting for us.  Some people say animals don’t have spirit and when they pass, they are gone forever.  But I believe our love is their ticket to heaven.  I believe God gives special privilege for our pets to be in heaven with us.  God loves His creation.  The Bible said when a sparrow falls, God knows.  He knows and loves Winston as much as I do.  I know I will see him again in heaven 🙂

Loyal To The End

Dog is man’s best friend – Anonymous

Thursday, June 26, 2014 was the saddest day in my life as I had to put my beautiful little girl to sleep.  She got sick 2.5 months ago and I nursed her back to life.  She was doing well till about a month ago and she just went down hill pretty fast.  I did everything I could to save her.  The Vet told me what she had was a blessing and a curse because it was fast and aggressive and no amount of money could do her any good.

Her name was Misty, a West Highland Terrier.  She loved to roll in the snow and just buried herself in it.  She would charge at any big dogs like she was the alpha.  She was Houdini, she could pick the kennel door and got out.  After a while, I learn to trust her and let her roam the house when I was gone.  She was my shadow for 15.5 years and she never left my side.  I did not need to call her or anything, she would be right there with me.  When I worked, she would curl up under my desk.  When I watched TV, she would lay down next to me.  When I walk, she would be right behind me.   Even towards the end, she would look for me, when she didn’t see me.   She gave me two more months to spend with her and to prepare me to let her go.  I knew it was time for her to go, but it was so hard to let go.  I held her so tight to the end and she didn’t go alone.  She knew she was loved.  I know she is in heaven, running and playing and no more suffering.  One day, I will see her again 🙂

I miss her terribly.  The other night, I came home and as soon as I walked into my house, I called her name.  Then, I realized she was no longer with me.  It is hard to prepare food for other kids as I would still look for her dish to fill.  Her bed is still next to mine 🙂  out of the blue, I would just cry.  I have my bad days and good days.  My children know I am not altogether yet.  They know I am still sad and miss Misty terribly.

Dog is often called man’s best friend, loyal and faithful, companion, loving.  Dogs give us unconditional love.  Even though, we know what would happen a few years down the road, because of the love and companionship they give us, we were so willing to go through the heartache all over again.  I guess, love is worth all the risk.  I believe if we were to watch how animals interact with each other, we could learn about love and life from them.

Same with God’s love, even though it hurts Him to see His son hung on the cross to pay for our sins.  He did not waver in His decision because of His love for us.  Yet, when we were sinners, He send His son to die on the cross so that we can get saved because of His grace and mercy.  He doesn’t force us to follow Him, He waits till we are ready because that is just who He is – faithful, loving,  and merciful.  I consider myself blessed to know the love of God and the love of my pets.  Misty hung on till I was ready to let her go.  Same with God.  He waits till you are ready to come to Him and He will welcome you into His arms, in the meantime He does what He can to keep you safe.

God knew what was going to happen with Misty before she got sick.  I was persuaded by my friend to take her puppy three months ago.  His name is Nemo, a maltipoo.  Nemo has been my shadow last week before Misty went.  It felt like the baton was passed from Misty to Nemo to watch me.  He would follow me like Misty did.  First I thought it was strange for a puppy that young to do such thing.  Now, I know 🙂