Birthday is a Celebration

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Whew… what a day!! 

The day was beautiful and perfect with blue skies and a gentle breeze, it was a day that I would call the perfect summer day 🙂  We took advantage of the day by sitting outdoors and celebrated a best friend’s birthday.  What started as lunch without any agenda, ended up being a progressive day full of celebration with food and good company. We had lunch at a lakeside restaurant, then we migrated to another restaurant for coffee and dessert. We walked off what we ate 🙂  at the farmer’s market by the lake until our stomach growled and sushi satisfied the growling.  We topped the night with some yogurt lab.

As I drove home, I had time to think about the day.  I thank God for giving me the chance to celebrate her life today.  Our friendship has evolved from being friends to being a family.  We have been there for each other through life’s events.  We support and care and don’t count the cost.  That’s friendship at its best.  Friendship that most people might experience once or twice in a lifetime if they are lucky.  I am blessed to say I am one of the lucky ones because I have friend and family that have come to mean the same.   

Birthday is a celebration of life and a milestone of a life’s accomplishments.  Even if you think, you don’t accomplish anything, but take time and look back and you will see you have accomplished the tasks given to you and you can start counting your blessings.  Knowing that you are still on earth, breathing without machine, able to clothe yourself, feed yourself, bathe yourself and walk without help are blessings from God above and worth celebrating life everyday 🙂

Have a blessed week and remember SMILE… it’s free and can brighten one’s day 🙂