Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

Happy Wednesday 🙂

It’s drizzling and cold today.  The weather has changed from a beautiful warm summer to a cold and wet Fall day.  I see the beauty of the season as God is preparing His creation to hibernate and getting them ready for winter.  The Lord is so gentle to His creation as He is letting them adjust to the next season where a lot of trees and animals will go to sleep and rest until spring comes.

America, I see the Lord is also taking care of you and preparing you for the next election.  I pray God will lead American people to make the right choices for what’s best for America and most of all, I pray each person who votes will be led by God.  I pray God will raise up leaders in America who have the fear of the Lord, wisdom, love for America and heart for the country and people.  I pray Lord, that your spirit will hover over America, guide us to all truth and expose anything that is not right before the people.  Awaken the people and give them eyes to see and ears to hear what the Lord is saying about America.  Lord, I also pray you will raise up intercessors to pray for America because I know, Lord you love America and your eyes are still upon her in Jesus name, amen.

As The Lord commanded, I bless Israel and pray for peace in Jerusalem and Middle East.

Have a sonshine day 🙂