Be Still

Summer 2013 - 1

The water is like glass with reflection of God’s beautiful creation,  the trees are silent and not even a single leaf moves.  The birds are singing with joy and the the sun is shining its light.  The trees are solemn in their way of worshipping Him, while the birds are singing beautiful songs to praise Him. What a beautiful summer morning!  I wish we can have this beautiful perfect summer all year long.  This must be what Adam wakes up every morning in the garden of Eden.  What a privilege to wake up to a beautiful day full of promises and blessings. I am absorbing the beauty of the day and wish I could just be lost in time and nature.

As the time goes, I start seeing the leaves dancing in the gentle breeze as God’s way of saying “I love you”.  The wind blows gently and I can hear the wind chimes making the most beautiful melody of the day.   Here am I! sitting on my deck overlooks the beautiful lake spending time with lover of my soul with a cup of fresh Java.  I am so full of His presence that my heart is jumping with joy and full of anticipation of what  the day will bring to me 🙂

I realize we take a lot of things for granted in our lives, even as simple as enjoying a beautiful summer morning that we so look forward in the winter.  We tend to rush to all our commitments of the day and pushing things  for later when we have a bit more time such as taking time for ourselves to enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee or tea and the beautiful morning which is good for our soul. A question pops up in my mind 🙂  if we can’t enjoy His beautiful creation that is set before our eyes, how can we appreciate the person that He created in His own image? just because we have the promise that the sun will rise in the east and sets in the west everyday so we think that the person we love will always be there and we take them for granted 🙂

So today, please enjoy God’s beautiful creation 🙂  He created it with you in His mind because He loves you so much. Take a break from your work and walk outside, breathe in the fresh air, take a few seconds and smell the roses, Don’t forget to say “I love you” to the person who means so much in your life.   HAVE A BLESSED DAY 🙂