The Stages of Woman’s Life

In the last few weeks, I have time to contemplate about my life as a woman and the stages that I have been in. I am who I am today because of my mother.  She was a wise woman who had taught me about life and instilled good values which I have passed them along to my children.  She taught me life lessons and steps to avoid so I didn’t stumble.

I have been a daughter to my mother and I have fulfilled my duty as her daughter and I was glad I could take care of her till her death. I loved my mother and I missed her.  I wish I could hear her voice one more time and tell me “everything is going to be okay”.

I have been a wife and I have fulfilled the vow I made before the Lord.  I have stood by my ex husband through thick and thin, for richer and poor, for health and sickness till death do us apart.  The last part ended different story 🙂 but no regrets.  Things happened and you couldn’t control the other person’s decision so I have moved on and on my own journey to my destiny.

I have been a mother to my four children plus the four legged children.  I never understood why my mother was so against me leaving my country to marry my ex.  She tried to do everything in her power to make me stayed but I left anyway.  Now that I have my own children, I understand the mother’s love to her children.  It was hard for me to see my son off to college 4.5 hours away.  It must have broken my mother’s heart to see me go the other side of the globe.  God gave me the opportunity to feel how my mother had felt when I left home.  I finally understand mother’s love and it never ends.

I have been a daughter in law and knew the feeling of always being the outsider.  I pray that when my children are married, I would treat my daughters in law and son in law like my own.  I pray God will let me see them through His eyes.  To you, who have great relationship with your in laws, I say you are blessed 🙂

The stages of woman’s life are quite interesting and yet fulfilling.  After  all, I consider myself a blessed woman to go through those stages.  They make me wiser and understand a lot of things that will make me a better person when I am dealing with my in laws later.  I believe God gives us a second chance and even better, so I look forward to it 🙂