Children Are Gifts From God

It has been a busy August for me as I have to prepare the children to go back to college and school.  My second son is transferring to college about 4.5 hours away from home and it will be a change for all of us as he went to college first year not far from home. He was home every weekend 🙂  I can see he is branching out and stepping into his destiny.  He has goal and he is out there to achieve the goal.

As I drove him to college with all his belongings, believe me 🙂  our car was packed.  The memories flooded my mind and it seemed like yesterday that I gave birth to all of them and now they are growing and going to adulthood and learning to make choices for their future.  For me, it is harder to see the children going to college than when I drop them off for preschool.  For preschool, I know I will pick them up in 3 hours but college is when they are inching to leave the nest.  This is their way of learning to be an adult and being on their own.  It’s hard for me to let go and not having them around but I also know I have to release them into their own destiny.

I know I have been granted a privilege by God to carry the children and nurture them while in my womb and when I bring them to the world, it’s totally a miracle.  I have been trusted by God to bring them up, instill the good values in them, teach them what’s right and wrong, lead them to the right path and introduce them to God.  It was amazing to watch the children grow and being their own person.  They are God’s gifts to me and now, they are growing up and stepping into their own destiny for God has His plan and purpose for their lives.  They are my own but also God’s.  I see myself as a bow and they are the arrows, my job is to aim them to the bull’s eye.  In the meantime, I am still their mother and will always be 🙂


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