Let Yes Be Yes

A rose

There are lessons to be learned daily that we might not realize that our integrity and character are tested.  When we pass the test, we go to the next level in our walk with God. It happened to me last weekend which God wouldn’t let me off because I promise my friend I would go to his 4th baby dedication.

I have been working very hard last month and decided to take a break and went to Chicago to visit a friend and decided also not to go to the baby dedication.  I thought I could just skip it.  Well, I got a text from Charles reminded me about the baby dedication.  I replied and told him I wasn’t coming and I would visit with him on Tuesday.  He didn’t reply and I knew he was disappointed.  As the day went,  there was a war between my mind and my heart about my promise. My mind said you could skip, my heart said but you promise.  You see, God was testing and watching what I would do.  I decided to follow my heart, so I drove from Chicago at 3:15 am to go home and made it in time for the baby dedication.  I texted Charles and told him that I would be coming to his baby dedication and he waited to start till I came.

I passed the test with God 🙂  I learned that we have to stay true to the words we say and let our yes be yes, our no be no because  if God can’t trust us with our little yes, how can He trust us with big yes..? There are a lot of broken promises everyday that we say.  Sometimes we say yes, just to be nice with no intention of fulfilling that “yes” but the person who hears that “yes” is disappointed and might be broken hearted.

I learned not to promise or easily say yes, if I don’t have it in my power to fulfill the promise because what we say and do, is impacting another person.  If we say too many yes and break too many promises, then our yes means nothing.  I’d rather say less “yes” but I can fulfill those promises 🙂

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